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Residential Treatment Programs


404 – 94th Avenue SE Calgary, AB

Offers treatment for children/youth 6 to 18 years old. There are two program streams: the Residential Treatment Program (Out of Home Placement) and the Therapeutic Aftercare Program.


Residential Treatment Program (Out of Home Placement)


The Residential Program provides a home for children in a therapeutic living environment (i.e., Husky Energy Centre for Autism). Treatment programming is individualized and implemented by Behaviour Therapists.  Each child must participate in some type of day program, which typically entails attending school in the community, in order to enter and remain in the Residential Program. Integration with peers is actively promoted through participation in a wide variety of community sports and leisure activities. Our summer day camp program is available to residential children during the school summer break period.


Therapeutic Aftercare


The Therapeutic Aftercare program offers afterschool and/or weekend treatment for children/youth.  Depending on needs, services are provided in the family home and/or at the residential facility.







Admission to the Residential Program


• Discuss the needs of your child and family with your Family Supports for Children with Disabilities worker, as funding for the program is dependent on FSCD approval.
• Complete our Application Form and submit all requested documentation, as outlined in the application form




To Apply


Attach the completed application from above along with any other forms and requested documentation. Then click submit.

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