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Casino Dates for 2020: June 9 & 10

June 09, 2020
Location at Deerfoot Inn

Society for Treatment of Autism has been assigned June 9 & 10 for the charity casino at Deerfoot Inn and Casino. We will require volunteers for 20 positions for each of the two days. A volunteer can work one or both days but must work the same position (not necessarily the same shift). For example; if you want to sign up for General Manager on Tuesday June 9 for the day shift of 11am-7pm, you can also work the General manager position of Wednesday June 10 for the 11am – 7pm shift or the 6:30pm to close shift. If you would like to be a part of this very important opportunity to raise funds for the agency, please get in touch with Elayne Robinson – Casino Chairperson at 403.258.5501 or email: robinsone@sta-ab.com