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Clinical Director

The Clinical Director supervises the implementation and monitoring of all programs, maintaining an active role in service delivery.  They ensure the philosophy of care reflects best practices and current research. They also are aware of all programming for clients from a quality assurance perspective and work with program managers and clinical team leads to ensure a trans-disciplinary approach to intervention. Further the clinical director acts as a liaison between the agency and community members, government and other stakeholders.

Early Intervention Program Manager

The Program Manager oversees the Early Intervention Program, with particular emphasis on program development and quality of services delivery. They also take an active role in programs and services.

EIP Program Supervisor

The EIP Program Supervisor hires, trains and supervises Early Intervention Therapists. They coordinate all aspects of a child’s program to ensure that the child’s individualized service plan is implemented.

Early Intervention Therapist

Early Intervention Therapists (EITs) are responsible for the safety of the children, and they implement programs and objectives designed to meet your child’s individual goals, recording data, and documenting progress.

Manager of Out-of-Home Living

The Manager oversees all aspect of SASS’s residential programming, with particular emphasis on program development and quality of services delivery.

Out-of-Home Living Supervisors

The Out-of-Home Living Supervisor hires, trains, schedules and supervises Behaviour Therapists, and other staff. They coordinate all aspects of programming to ensure that each child’s individualized service plan is implemented.

Behaviour Therapist

The Behaviour Therapist (BT) implements programs and objectives to meet each  child’s individualized goals.  A Behaviour Therapist is assigned to each child as their representative. Having a representative ensures programs are designed to maximize your child’s development.

Coordinator of Adolescent and Adult Programming

The Coordinator oversees all aspects of the Adolescent and Adult Programs, including services, programs, and community partnerships.


Facilitators implement therapeutic, vocational and employment-based goals for adolescents and adults.

Psychologist or Behavioural Consultant

Under the direct supervision of a psychologist, the Consultant focuses on behaviour, socialization, play skills, cognition, and functional life skills via individual and/or group programming.

Speech-Language Pathologist/Assistant

Focuses on functional communication and socialization skills via individual and group programming.

Occupational Therapist/ Assistant

Focuses on fine and gross motor development, visual perceptual skills, visual motor skills, functional life skills, sensory processing, and oral motor needs via individual and group programming.

Teacher/Educational Consultant

Focuses on the educational needs of your child through structured group learning and individual opportunities.

Social Worker

Provides support to each family, including facilitating participation in the child’s care program, connects to resources within the community and assists with any day-to-day challenges which may arise.