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Welcome to Society for Treatment of Autism

Society for Treatment of Autism (STA) is an Alberta-based registered charitable organization providing comprehensive treatment, educational and consulting services for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families. STA offers its services throughout Alberta and, other parts of the country, when requested.



We are a large multi-disciplinary team of psychologists, behavioural consultants, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, teachers, early intervention therapists, behavioural therapists, adolescent and adult facilitators, program supervisors and managers who provide a range of services across ages and across the autism spectrum.  We believe in people with autism and know the benefits that tested and scientifically proven supports and services can bring.

We know what parents go through when they receive a diagnosis of autism.  The emotions can be overwhelming, and the system frustratingly difficult to understand.

That’s why our supports starts immediately after diagnosis.  With a consultation and a plan.  We help parents negotiate the system and find resources. Then we partner with families and go to work addressing identifies priorities and needs.

We are there for you and your child, regardless of age.

Society for Treatment of autism was founded in 1972.  We have grown to offer a variety of programs.  From early intervention and school-based programs, to residential treatment and after-care, and adolescent and adult vocational, life skills training and counselling services.

We recognize that language is important and that some people diagnosed with ASD prefer person-first language (individual with autism), while others prefer identify-first language (autistic).  Out of respect for both perspectives, STA endeavours to use both terms in our communications.  Individuals and families are encouraged to let their team know which terminology they prefer.


Our Mission

As southern Alberta’s leader in individualized, empirically based services, Society for Treatment of Autism specializes in meeting the diverse needs of people on the autism spectrum and supporting their families.  We are a multidisciplinary team who tailor every program to meet the unique needs of those we serve.  We are passionate about our goal to enhance lives across the spectrum.

Core Values

People First – Compassion, Commitment, Collaboration

Transparency and Trust

Making a Difference and Having Fun

Rooted in Success and Dedicated to Innovation